We create Art and Design from stone ... #MeleStone

MELE STONE takes its first steps in 2017 coming from a family of quarrymen dating back to the 19th century.
We constantly strive to deliver the highest standards of craftsmanship, paying close attention on product design, research and innovation also through the combination of stone with other natural materials.

Ductile and easy to work, the Lecce Stone is well suited for interior and exterior decoration but also to the construction of large buildings and exclusive homes.
In line with our corporate philosophy we also host a rich cultural program ranging from exhibitions to concerts and workshops.

The Quarries

The quarry is the material birthplace of architecture from which the “stone in place” changes its state from inert mass to a mean of communication.

Today’s interest in the safeguarding and enhancing of the extraction sites originates from the fact that these areas, due to their intrinsic urban and environmental significance, constitute a precious cultural resource for the redevelopment of the image of the city.

Our corporate philosophy puts into the foreground the aesthetic, architectural and historical value of the quarries.

The presence of these spaces in the territory has an inestimable value not just from an economic point of view but also architectural, environmental and, in a broader sense, cultural.


This collection of lamps is inspired by a great presence in human life: The Moon.
We present a series of lamps made of Lecce Stone with a simple and clean design suitable for classic and contemporary environments. Small objects of great value that create delicate and refined atmospheres.

The Lecce Stone is a thousand-year old magical material that tells us the story of the Past, the story of the Sea.

That’s why every lamp, every object, is unique. Because the quarry bench is not the same in every point and each section tells a different story even if always connected to the others.

Inside this material there are fossils, shells and animal remains that populated the sea during the Miocene. This stone carries the story of a distant era crystallized in extraordinary open-air quarries.


Lecce Stone meets Cocciopesto (lime mortar with crushed pottery): an ancient but still widely used material.

The Romans called it Opus Signinum, from the name of the city of Signia (modern Segni).
It comes in two variants, red or light yellow, depending on the clay material used, usually made from scrap of tiles and amphorae.

The preciousness of the Lecce stone we want to make it to our customers through the creation
of simple furnishing accessories, with a refined and elegant taste.
An object capable of furnishing through the story of the stone.

Our Factory

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